Apple is already working on fixing errors.

After the release of iOS 12 users have noticed that many apps from the App Store began to occupy a lot more space. For example, in the App Store it was reported that the size of the application Facebook is up an astounding 519 MB, which is much greater than before. As it turned out today in the App Store, there is a bug, because of which some applications incorrectly display their size.

The presence of a bug in the App Store were able to detect in a practical way. The official Facebook app, according to App Store, weighs 519 MB. However, directly on your iPhone its size is only 316 MB. And a similar situation with many other popular applications, including lists of the most downloaded.

We compared the actual size of the application that is listed on their pages on the App Store. It turned out that the maximum difference does not exceed 200 MB.

The reason for the bug is already known. Developers upload in the App Store universal app designed for all supported devices. Their size is higher than size version of the app for a specific device. On the pages of the apps in the App Store displays it the size of the overall universal app.

Apple have already signalled the existence of the bug. It is expected that it will be fixed in the next minor update of iOS 12. At the current time users can simply ignore the specified pages of apps in the App Store size. In many cases it will be lower than that of the application will occupy on the device.

Source: 9to5Mac.


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