His conflict with Tim cook.

The head of Facebook mark Zuckerberg demanded from the members of the management team to completely abandon the iPhone and go to Android smartphones. Zuckerberg has put forward such a requirement due to the fact that Apple CEO Tim cook has openly criticized Facebook for collecting personal data and storing them without adequate security, The New York Times reported.

According to the official version, Zuckerberg ordered top managers to go on Android smartphones as they are much more popular worldwide than the iPhone. However, the sources of The New York Times insist that Zuckerberg was driven by resentment at the recent words of Tim cook.

In 2018, it became known that the company Facebook for seven years collecting the data of social network users and transmit them to third parties. When Tim cook was asked what he would do, being in the situation of Mark Zuckerberg, Apple CEO replied very simply: “I would never be in this situation”.

Cook’s words definitely hurt Zuckerberg. Mark called the head of Apple’s response “too fast”. In addition, Zuckerberg hinted that Apple is trying to lure their clients ‘ money, pretending that it cares about them.

Now is the invisible conflict of Zuckerberg and cook have involved the other people. Top managers of Facebook forbidden to use the iPhone, regardless of, whether they want to use Android smartphones or not.

Source: The New York Times.


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