MOSCOW, 20 Nov — PRIME, Natalia we don’t pay. A bill on mandatory pre-installation Russian, will likely become law, according to respondents, “Prime” experts. They find it difficult to imagine what kind of apps will be mandatory for smartphones and other equipment, but agree that the market “digest” innovation and lack of gadgets is not going to happen. However, the law will only give preferences to certain players, but will not lead to the creation of a fundamentally new quality FOR Russian, since it requires very different measures, they indicate.

The state Duma adopted in the second reading the bill banning the sale of equipment, for example smartphones and computers prescribed by the government of the Russian Federation the Russian software (SW). The law shall enter into force on 1 July 2020.

Lists of such goods, and the order of installation will be determined by the government. The deputies in the explanatory Memorandum suggest that it needs to be smart phones, computers and TV with “smart TV”. Earlier it was reported that the types of software titles can be search and antivirus programs, browsers, instant messengers and social networks.

Experts believe that talking about the impact of new standards on the market and equipment in Russia prematurely. In Russia there are companies who are creating really cool and popular, and a lot of them, said Denis Kuskov from Telecom Daily. “Another thing, who is as “arbitrator” select the lists to PE programs and what kinds of still set,” he says. As long as there is no clarity in this matter, it is difficult to predict anything in relation to the impact of the implementation of the law.

“When selling tech devices over the entire life cycle of the device remain beneficiaries, software vendors, providing the proceeds from the sale of content and advertising traffic. Apparently, device manufacturers must enter into agreements with developers FOR the Russian. The extent of such cooperation will be maximized in the smartphone segment, since there is observed the largest volume of sales, wide product range and small life cycle of use — 1.5-2 years”, — says the Manager of strategic marketing of PSB Andrey Barhota.

According to the expert, at the moment the substitution is possible only for 15-25% of applications. This is due to, in many cases, the secrecy of the code, as well as continued expansion of functionality for popular and commercially successful applications.

“Successful foreign experience of such interaction is. For example, penetration of a set of programs for information modeling in construction (BIM) on the Chinese market concluded that foreign developers were forced to disclose the source code, as Chinese developers began the development of close analogues”, — quotes the expert an example.


According to the authors of the bill, it will provide protection of interests of Russian Internet companies that will reduce abuse by large foreign companies working in the field of information technology.

However, experts see a certain contradiction in the fact that the authorities are trying to oblige manufacturers of equipment from other countries to establish Russian. This will increase the cost of goods, because the costs of supply and installation will be passed on to the consumer, but will not make Russia a high-tech country.

“To achieve this goal set by the President, it is necessary to act systemically. The necessary investments in R & d, in training, it is important to involve specialists so that they are not left to work in the same Google and Microsoft. We’re patching up the holes first and oblige officials to use the “Aurora”, and then report on the rise of the domestic operating system,” says Grand.

According to him, instead, efforts should be made to make an OS that can really compete with Android. Then the user will choose the desired application in the Internet, the benefit of services like Google Play and the Apple store is more than enough. But our officials it is easier to get people to buy unnecessary apps, however, their innovations do not appear.


However, significant changes in the market in case of adoption of the law experts do not expect. According to Kuskov, the production without Russian will not disappear, as it is doubtful that, for example, the same Apple agreed to install it. However, buyers of this equipment will not abandon the “Apple” of new products, the benefit of entry in private, nobody forbids.

Apparently, the developers of the domestic software will tend to increase the level of substitution and the operational monetization projects, says Barhate. Manufacturers of technological devices and retailers will develop mechanisms to minimize their execution costs of the new rules, working through the options for shifting costs on to the consumers and vendors.

“I don’t think we can expect a noticeable growth of prices for the device. The revision of the bill will depend on enforcement. In the case of a quick conclusion of license agreements and any technocratic procedures, the visible changes we wouldn’t notice”, he concluded.

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