BEIJING, August 26. /TASS/. Highly controversial and excessively persistent policy of U.S. President Donald trump may lead to the loss of American companies an important and profitable segments of the Chinese market. This view was expressed on Monday newspaper columnists Global Times.

“Economic ties between China and the United States gradually weakened. If this trend continues in the long term, changes in global production structures, — it is spoken in editorial article of the edition. — The withdrawal of U.S. production outside of China will only mean the transfer of an important market competitors, in the end, U.S. companies will suffer maximum losses.”

Newspaper columnists believe that the current world situation “no state can no longer ignore China.” The “breaking of economic ties with China will only harm the initiating side: the threat to take such steps should not be considered a trump card, using which you can increase the pressure on Beijing,” they stress.

As noted in the article, Chinese authorities are confident in the prospects of the national market, the extent of which can not fail to interest multinational companies. The authors recall that China continues to act as a key centre in global production and at the same time has a huge consumer potential.

“China may not have to strain [about the harsh statements of the White house]. Regardless of what they say in Washington, Beijing should continue the policy of openness and not to take the initiative to oust American enterprises [China]. At this point, no country will be able to put China on her knees and make her lose focus [in development]”, — summed up the scientists edition.

August 20, trump said that the American company Apple should move production from China. According to the President of the United States, over the last eighteen months, China has lost $2 billion just because of the fact that foreign companies move their plants to countries against which the United States applied customs duties.

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