Payment system MasterCard will prohibit automatically debit the money for the subscription after the free trial period. Soon sellers will be required to formally notify customers about any recurring charges, and those — to Express explicit consent to the payment.

Trial is an important method for helping services like “Yandex. Plus” Music or Apple to increase the audience. It works like this: the subscriber enters the credit card information, and then free to use the service for some time. After a trial period, the money from his account start playing automatically.

New MasterCard rules will be useful for forgetful and busy people who wanted to test the service or product, but did not think to pay for it. Now until the date of the next payment sellers will be required to send customers alerts by email or SMS. The notice shall indicate the amount, payment date and clear instructions on how to cancel the subscription. Similar notifications will be sent for each subsequent payment.

∎The Apple came down to the fourth place in the ranking of most expensive companies in the see also

When you start to operate the new rules, MasterCard said. Whether they will be applicable to Russia, not specified.

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