The trial subscription will cease to become paid.

Payment system Mastercard announced the intention to change the rules and providing for a paid subscription. The new rules will prohibit vendors automatically debit the money after the free trial subscriptions. At the expense of innovation should decrease the number of randomly purchased subscriptions, which according to statistics happens really a lot.

New rules of Mastercard will require all sellers to obtain explicit consent from customers to design a paid subscription after your free trial period. Also the sellers will have to send customers detailed instructions on how you can disable the free trial subscription before the end of the current period.

Mastercard will oblige sellers to send such warnings and instructions to the users through SMS or email. Exactly how Mastercard plans to track the performance of new requirements, the company said.

In addition, it is not known when the new rules will enter into force, in particular, in Russia. However, MasterCard cardholders have noted the innovation positive reviews.

Source: Mastercard.


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