TSKHINVALI, 29 Dec — Sputnik. Rapper from Vladikavkaz Matrang made his fans a Christmas surprise by presenting a new track called “Bronze”. This singer has shared on his page in Instagram.

The track appeared on several sites on the channel label Gazgolder, YouTube, and Apple Music and the day immediately became popular.

“Music, lyrics, mixing, cover: my. For me this is a very bold step, because for the first time, I totally blinded from scratch to a finished track. I’m madly in love like the father loves the son, he loves the sculptor, his first of the resulting bronze statue”, signed his post Matrang.

Alan Khajuraho (the real name of the artist) solo career started with the depressive heavy music under the pseudonym Don Shal. Later changed direction and alias. Matrang translated from Vietnamese means “Moon”.

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