Max Barsky presented a new single “by chance” 30 Aug 2019. According to the musician, the song he dedicated to a man that I met recently.

— By the end of summer each has accumulated its own history. I want your story associated with this song. In my life there was a coincidental meeting with the man who inspired me to write this track, — said Max.

During the first hour after the single became available on iTunes and Apple Music, its performance has reached record numbers, entrenched in the top 5 iTunes charts of five countries — Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and the Czech Republic. However, the day before the release of the song “by chance” became a hit on the network. “The suspense is killing me”, “will the next bomb,” “from the beginning we fell in love with you by chance”, “new hit”, “teases the second day…the nerves do not iron”, “is very touching and beautiful” — these comments by fans greeted the announcement of a new single, aristocratic in its social networks.

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