May 1, Wednesday

Summer camp Dusty rainbow

“PPR” is a grunge, alternative 90s, and heavy pop music hails from Tver. Their work is compared to Nirvana. All 8 years of its existence, they did whatever they wanted, but now made up a large concert program of the songs that most students are constantly asked to play at concerts. So come to hear all my favorites performed by the wards Oxxxymiron’. (18+)

Where: Rock and Road, street Pochainsky, 21B.
What time: 19:00.
Price: 800-1300 RUB.

Cyber Snake

On the first day of the may holidays, the rock band Cyber Snake will visit Nizhny Novgorod within the framework of the tour in honor of its decade. You will find a bright, show, presentation of new tracks and the best songs for all 10 years. (16+)

Where: Harat’s Pub, Barbarian str., 32.
What time: 20:00.
Price: admission is free.
Reserve: +7 (831) 216-45-54
May 6, Monday


Sevastopol hip-hop artist Nikita Muzychenko, better known by his stage name OFFMi, is sent on his first tour of Russia and is preparing to present new material to residents of the 11 largest cities. In early may, Nizhny Novgorod will meet the artist’s first solo presentation in the framework of the “Mega Evolution Rule Tour”. (16+)

Where: Milo Concert Hall, Rodionova St., 4; small hall.
What time: 19:00.
Price: 800 RUB.

7 may, Tuesday

Vyacheslav Butusov

The legendary Vyacheslav Butusov come to Nizhny Novgorod with a big concert: the audience was so pleased with the anniversary program “goodbye, America!” which was dedicated to the 35th anniversary of Nautilus Pompilius, which now for many it will be an encore. Nizhegorodtsev waiting for the hypnotic set design, visuals, consisting of live recordings of the Chronicles and episodes from the movies, as well as the long-familiar song in a modern author’s interpretation. (12+)

Where: Opera and ballet Theatre, Belinskogo street, 59.
What time: 19:00.
Price: 1300-4800 RUB.

May 10, Friday


Legendary Russian thrash metal band “Sledgehammer” goes to the big Russian tour in honor of his twentieth birthday — and 10 may visit a concert in our wonderful city. The program will include all the hits of the team, as well as new songs from the album, “Army of darkness”. (18+)

Where: Rock and Road, street Pochainsky, 21B.
What time: 19:00.
Price: 400 RUB.

May 11, Saturday

Radio Tapok

Radio Tapok band led by Oleg Abramov has gained popularity with translations in Russian language popular songs in the world music scene. Oleg knows how to masterfully transform into the role of any artist and each cover is very difficult to distinguish from the sound of the original. In Nizhny Novgorod live will feature the most famous songs of the band. (12+)

Where: Premio, Nizhne-Volzhskaya nab., 1V.
What time: 19:00.
Price: 700-1900 RUB.

May 14, Tuesday


In Nizhny Novgorod, the group will present a concert in honor of the 35th anniversary. On stage this evening will gather all the participants of the group (including Valdis Pelsh) and give a great mood and the best songs. At the concert, “we mean” will heartily enjoy music, laced with positivity and originality. (12+)

Where: KZ “Jupiter” square October, 1.
What time: 19:00.
Price: 1200-2800 RUB.

May 15, Wednesday

Queen Real Tribute

The biggest European tribute show dedicated to Queen and Freddie mercury, will tour “Bohemian Rhapsody” in Russia in may this year and visit our city. The team from Serbia, consisting of professional musicians, appeared in 2006, and gives hundreds of concerts a year around the world. You going to be an incredible event, the atmosphere of Queen songs. (12+)

Where: Nizhny Novgorod Philharmonic. The Kremlin, building 2.
What time: 19:00.
Price: 2200-3300 RUB.

17 may, Friday

Maxim Freedom

Maxim Liberty has received popularity thanks to participation in the project “Songs” which songs “Air cigarette”, “Salt”, “Girl with four of a kind” topped the Russian charts on iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Yandex Music and Music VK. Duets of Freedom with Maxim Fadeev, MOLLY and Christina Kosheleva added to the singer’s more devoted fans. Maxim will give his first concert in Nizhny Novgorod on may 17. (16+)

Where: Milo Concert Hall, Rodionova St., 4; small hall.
What time: 20:00.
Price: 1000-17-00 RUB.

Plan Lomonosova

“The plan Lomonosov” — Moscow punk band, playing their own unique style, combining the satirical punk, traditional rock and bold musical experiments in various genres. The frontman of the band — Alexander Ilyin Jr. is not only a talented successor acting dynasty ilinykh, but also no less talented singer-songwriter. The group has prepared a lot of interesting things! (16+)

Where: Rock and Road, street Pochainsky, 21B.
What time: 19:00.
Price: 800-1300 RUB.

May 18, Saturday

MIREIA — electroacoustics

Mireia — the team from Astrakhan, combining in his work the musical direction of funk and indie. According to fans, Mireia is a group that will make you forever love indie acoustics. (16+)

Where: Harat’S PUB, street Barbarous, 32.
What time: 19:00.
Price: 300 RUB.

19 may, Sunday

The chamber orchestra Igor Lerman

The chamber orchestra Igor Lerman needs no introduction — it is one of the leading musical groups in Tatarstan and Russia, and artistic Director and conductor Igor Lerman is both the artistic Director of the Organ hall in Naberezhnye Chelny. The orchestra’s repertoire is vast and varied — from Baroque music to contemporary composers contemporaries. (6+)

Where: NNGU im. Lobachevsky, B. Pokrovskaya St., 37 Old Assembly hall.
What time: 16:00.
Price: 500-600 RUB

Moral code

For several decades, the group of Sergei Mazaeva millions of fans love for a special charm, intelligence, extraordinary style and high quality. The band’s style consists of ironic big-beat, neo-romance and dance rock-n-roll, including virtuoso guitar solo, and anyone not like the style of the vocalist. The concerts of the “Moral code” always gather a crowd of loyal fans and recently presented album “Winter” hits record sales in the Russian iTunes. (12+)

Where: KZ “Jupiter” square October, 1.
What time: 19:00.
Price: 1400-2800 RUB.

May 22, Wednesday

BEL SUONO. Show three pianos

The piano show Bel Suono is a unique trio of piano virtuosos, graduates of the Moscow Conservatoire. Tchaikovsky, laureates of all-Russian and international contests, their works are a mix of modern technology and the best samples of classical and contemporary music. Trio plays a variety of music from international hits to brand-new, written especially for the project. In the show “magic of the Three Pianos” Nizhny Novgorod is waiting for the extravaganza of music and light. (6+)

Where: Nizhny Novgorod Philharmonic hall, the Kremlin, building 2.
What time: 19:00.
Price: 1200-3200 RUB.

24 may, Friday


Group “Beavers” is a five astounding musicians who are divided between at least eight musical instruments and play ethno-rock. Today the band tours extensively, sounds on the radio, is the winner of numerous awards, writes soundtracks for movies. The musicianship and lyrics so good that even the soul is singing — come and sing along to at a concert in Nizhny Novgorod! (16+)

Where: Harat’S PUB, street Barbarous, 32.
What time: 21:00.
Price: 1000-5400 RUB.

VIA “Singing guitar”

“Singing guitar” is the first vocal-instrumental ensemble in the USSR, which was begun in the creative development of the talented musicians and performers Yuri Antonov, albert asadullina, Irina Ponarovskaya, Gregory Lamica. In 1997, the team reconvened after the collapse, gradually shifted exclusively to live performance — and went on to successfully tour the former Soviet Union, and the Golden hits began to increase new songs. (6+)

Where: DK GAS, street of Hero Smirnova, 12.
What time: 19:00.
Price: 600-1800 RUB.

REM Digg

REM Digg — is the stage name of Roman Voronin, a Russian musician, rapper and beatmaker. His biography is not like the others. It is bright and peculiar representative of the Rostov rap community, master harsh words, sensitive lyrics and a peculiar manner of reading. On the stage of Premio Centre REM of Digga presents a new album “Tulip” and will perform all the hits from their previous releases. (16+)

Where: Premio, Nizhne-Volzhskaya nab., 1V.
What time: 19:00.
Price: 1000-2700 RUB.


Olga Seryabkina — striking member and the leader of the group Serebro. She was close to this project — and she came on the scene as a solo performer Molly English — daring, sexy and very musical, knowing why is what makes on stage. In Nizhny Novgorod it will perform on the stage, The Top Club in honor of the birthday of the club. (18+)

Where: The Top Club, Nizhne-Volzhskaya embankment, 16.
What time: 23:00.
Price: 1000-1500 RUB

25 may, Saturday

Let the tank (!)

“Give a tank (!)” — independent rock band, endearing the hearts of youth with the witty lyricism and genre diversity. The ensemble has already seen Federal TV channels and radio stations, and visitors to the capital of concerts number in the thousands. In Nizhny Novgorod will be filled with a special programme of old and new songs. (16+)

Where: Rock and Road, street Pochainsky, 21B.
What time: 19:00.
Price: 700-1300 RUB.


Rasa— Russian youth hip-hop group, founded in February 2018. Yet it is sometimes confused with new age Duo from America with the same name. Russian Duo Rasa is the spouses Victor Poplees and Dasha Sheiko. Fame came to him after the release of the first single, “Under the lantern” — and all subsequent tracks only strengthened their popularity. Guys will light on the second day holiday party at The Top Club. (18+)

Where: The Top Club, Nizhne-Volzhskaya embankment, 16.
What time: 23:00.
Price: 500-1000 RUB.

26 may, Sunday


“Ssshhhiiittt!” — Yaroslavl garage band, the lead singer of which is nineteen year old Nikita Kislov, who was writing lyrics and making arrangements. His musical reference points steel Bondage Fairies, The Wytches, Freud and the Suicidal Vampires, Mineral and others. The staff is very accurately fits the description as a “guitar group for Teens who are not interested in rock.” (16+)

Where: Cargo Cult, pochainskaya str., 17ж.
What time: 20:00.
Price: 600 RUB.

May 29, Wednesday

Denis Matsuev

Denis Matsuev is a Russian musician, a famous pianist who in 2011 was awarded the title of people’s artist of the Russian Federation. His popularity stretches far beyond the narrow circle of lovers of classical music, and his performances are painted for some years forward. The concert in Nizhny Novgorod Philharmonic society will take place due to numerous and persistent requests of devotees, who wished to see again “a virtuoso of the great Russian school.” (6+)

Where: Nizhny Novgorod Philharmonic hall, the Kremlin, building 2.
What time: 18:30.
Price: 2000-6000 RUB.

May 30, Thursday

Zong-Opera “Todd”

“Todd” — the rock musical group “King and Jester”. The basis is a play by Christopher bond about a serial killer Sweeney Todd. Premiere of this production took place in 2012 at the Moscow Theatre of film actors, and the main role in the musical was performed by the band “King and the Clown”Michael Gorshenev. The 45th anniversary of Michael Gorsheneva theatre for the first time in 7 seasons for the first time in its history, the musical goes beyond the two capitals — in every Russian city. Original compositions will be performed live by musicians of “King and Jester” and the title role Robert Ostrowski. (12+)

Where: DK GAS, street of Hero Smirnova, 12.
What time: 20:00.
Price: 1300-4000 RUB.

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