mazda apple carplay and Android Auto

Despite the fact that the Mazda at the beginning of this year added Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in some of their cars, owners of older Mazda will be able to take advantage of the system with the new version. Last week, the brand said it will offer an update that will work on cars 2014 new cars.

Suitable models should also have software for entertainment programs of the Mazda Connect to launch as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The cost of the upgrade is 199 USD, not including costs of dealer services, and USB ports with a faster charger.

Although many cars run Apple’s CarPlay and Android Auto with its touchscreen infotainment system Mazda works exclusively via the control unit on the center console. While Mazda fits each system with a touch screen feature is locked when the vehicle is in motion. Both CarPlay and Android Auto work the same with the Central panel and will not respond to touch while driving the car. Both systems respond to a normal command buttons and voice control.

For those who use the iPhone, CarPlay has become much more valuable with the introduction of iOS12. Latest software update added a third-party application to navigate the CarPlay, which freed drivers from using only Apple Maps. Now drivers can use Google Maps and Waze even with the latest update.

Mazda recommended that you schedule time for configuration, as the process will take about two hours.

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