Apple is more distanciruemsa from the production of hardware and software solutions to develop and prodvijenie branded services. Apple Music, Apple TV+ iCloud and Apple Arcade is already there and available by subscription. And therefore one should not exclude that the company will make the next step, will begin to sell smartphones with the subscription.

Sacconaghi analyst Tony turned to Tim cook with a proposal to transfer the iPhone to the model of subscriptions. And that, in turn, said that a similar program already. Obviously, we are talking about the iPhone Upgrade Program, which allows to obtain annually a new model. Being paid a fixed payment, and the sum is divided by 24 months.

The new model in this case, you can obtain it by paying half. In addition to updating hardware, users can count on extended warranty. This program complements the trade-in, which allows you to exchange old iPhones for a discount when buying new. Cook noted that this program has become in recent year very popular.

And the head of Apple said that soon the holders of the credit cards Apple Card will soon have the opportunity to buy an iPhone within the interest-free loan. Although technically this is the installment. Cook admitted that the practice of paying for goods in installments is gaining popularity.

Thus, it can occur that a full “subscription” model for the iPhone. If it appears, it is possible that in the future the company will offer it for other of its equipment.

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