Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has long and successfully “merges” the insider about the novelties of Apple. And now he says that in 2020 or 2021, the company from Cupertino will release its first branded PC’s own processor on the ARM architecture, not x86. Will this involve radically rewriting all the software or the company will build a powerful emulator — is unclear.

This is not the first such case. Before the transition to processors made by Intel, laptops and monoblocks Apple used PowerPC chips from IBM. This time is planned to transition to their solutions.

This transition will allow the company to reduce dependence on Intel. Thus in Caperino will be to work more closely with TSMC. In particular, the new mobile platform A13 and A14 are supposed to produce exclusively at the facilities of TSMC.

Ming-Chi Kuo didn’t specify the specifications of the new processors, but considering that even the current A12 is greater than all other mobile chips, certainly for the PC will be offered a much more powerful solution.

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