Apple has three years working on the creation of films and TV series highlighting the creation of your own unique content, according to some estimates, about one billion dollars. As journalists found out CNBC for the owners of the company’s devices soon after the launch of “Apple television” viewing will be free.

The publication reports that Apple’s own TV shows will coexist in the new service with optional subscriptions to other streaming services like HBO or Starz. The debut of the service, which is located in the application “TV”, scheduled for early 2019.

Apple already produces its own content televizionnogo format in the Apple Music critics recognized quite successful Carpool Karaoke show and earned mostly negative reviews Planet of the Apps.

∎The Apple together with Steven Spielberg will shoot a fantastic seriality also

In the future, viewers are waiting for new projects from Oprah Unifri, which has signed multi-year agreement, a couple of children’s show from the creators of “sesame Street”, restart the science fiction anthology “Amazing stories” series-dystopia in the spirit of “the hunger games” “See,” multi-project the Director of “La La land” Damien Chases, series Thriller by M. night Shyamalan, cosmodrome from the Creator of Battlestar Galactica, Ron Moore’s drama about a morning TV show featuring Reese Ebpthcgey and Jennifer Anniston as well as the adaptation of the classic sci-Fi series of novels by Isaac Asimov’s “Foundation”.

It is not known whether all of this content permanently free for iPhone users, iPad and Apple TV, but it is clear that without such a “bait” to interest firmly tied to Netflix and its analogs viewers would be impossible. In the future, probably will remain free only part of the content. In this case, since the entire show will be available on all devices, Apple is not going to produce something that would be too “adult” for the “family” PG. So the new “Game of thrones” or “breaking bad” from the company should not wait.

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