Media companies earn on the podcasts, in Russia tens of millions of rubles, although listening to them probably about a million people. This conclusion was made by the newspaper “Vedomosti”, interviewing several manufacturers format.

According to the study, today users actively listen to at least 50 Russian-language podcasts, with the most popular designs is part of the business of major media projects: Meduza, Arzamas, BBC, “Lifehacker”, “IMDb”, “Radio Mayak, as well as special studios for the production of podcasts, for example, “Either — or”. In Russia, most of the audience, American comedian and sports commentator Joe Rogan, followed by Meduza and Arzamas — these data are received by the company Brand Analytics with the help of the system analysis of social media posts. This method of collecting statistics was not perfect, but more accurate information is impossible to obtain: Apple and Google, which owns special apps for listening to podcasts, does not disclose the information.

Only Brand Analytics studied 2.1 billion of Russian-language messages, posts and comments in the “Classmates”, “Vkontakte”, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube for 15 August — 15 September this year and found 124 000 mentions of the podcast. According to this, almost 65% of the podcast audience are young people under 35, and among them men slightly more than women. Some of the hottest podcasts on the sport, followed closely follow stories about books and about music.

Founder of “Either — or” Lika Kremer believes that in total in Russia podcasts listen to about a million people — this data she received, interviewing the market players. Thus, according to her, in just two years, the popularity of podcasts has increased in times: if you had one edition of the popular show had in average 2-3 thousand downloads, now it is 20-30 thousand. For comparison, according to Edison Research, in the US listens to podcasts more than half the population (150 million people), and a fifth of respondents, or 62 million people downloading it daily. Videos largest local producer of podcasts NPR in 2018 in an average week listening to 7.1 million people, and this audience already allows manufacturers format to earn almost half a billion dollars a year just on advertising (data from IaB and PWC for 2018).

Most popular podcasts in Russia, “Vedomosti” reports, earns special projects and native advertising integrated into the issue as part of the podcast initially created in partnership with sponsors. All players note that this is a very profitable direction, and audience of podcasts hyperloyalty. According to the Director of “jellyfish” Galina Timchenko by the end of the year, the company expects to increase the number of active podcasts from six to ten, with one third of the projects have sponsors. It is estimated that by the end of 2020, 80% of podcasts Meduza will monetize through advertising, which will make them not less than 50 million rubles a year.

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