TOKYO, 16 Aug. /TASS/. The Japanese authorities suspected the Apple Corporation in the conduct anticompetitive activities in the Japanese market of applications for smartphones and putting pressure on local companies. On Thursday reported the Nikkei newspaper.

According to her, an investigation conducted by the Ministry of economy, trade and industry of Japan jointly with the fair trade Commission. Both offices in the fall of last year began to receive from the Japanese Yahoo reports problems with the game platform Game Plus, entered the market just over a year ago. It allows you to play games without downloading them on the smartphone, as required by other platform and also has much less stringent restrictions related to sales and software update compared with App store.

Also Yahoo through its platform could collect data on more than 60 million unique monthly users, including search history and payment information, helping to increase the profit of the game developers, and advertisers. While the Japanese company was planning to expand the scope of the Game Plus and add to it, in particular business applications. However, since last fall, Yahoo has suddenly reduced the budget for the development of this platform and ceased to promote it in the market.

As noted by Nikkei, the company representatives told some business partners that this decision was due to pressure from Apple. The Yahoo business is closely connected with the American company because it sells including through the App Store. Japanese new platform for applications and the overall strategy Yahoo could jeopardize the interests of Apple, which has created a rigid system in respect of software developers and advertisers.

The Japanese fair trade Commission collects information about a situation which, in its opinion, may indicate interference by Apple into the activities of Yahoo, which is prohibited by the antitrust laws. However, the investigation is practically not moving, because, as writes the edition, in such cases, the business is reluctant to cooperate with authorities, not wanting to spoil the reputation and giving priority to their own interests.

Application market in Japan, according to us research firm App Annie last year amounted to 1.44 trillion yen ($13 billion).


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