In the network appeared photos of the prototype of the next smartphone from Apple in a line, he may receive triple the camera as the other players in the market.

The publication of “the Executioner”, referring to the future compares the gadget with smartphones Huawei and Samsung in turn has the rear panel from four cameras. Users indicate strong dizajnerski overload the back of the smartphone, calling it “stuffy and ugly” prototype iPhone XL has three large sensor, flash and an extra hole in place of conventional cameras, like the younger representatives of the line.

Media put on the fact that this is only the first outline, and Apple is unlikely to create a new gadget in the image and likeness of Huawei Mate Pro 20 smartphone is one of the main competitors of the company. Perhaps at the moment, the brand just getting ready to implement the system triple cameras and publishes the web first creations, to “test the waters”.

Recall that in December last year, Apple patented a flexible model of the iPhone that bends in both directions. This feature will differentiate it from similar models of Huawei and Samsung. The device will be equipped with strong and durable screen that can withstand hundreds of flexion back and forth. A month earlier, put the smartphone revealed by Samsung.

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