Police uses technology by Israeli company Cellebrite to unlock from the phones confiscated from the protesters in Moscow, reports NEWSru.co.il referring to the Israeli TV channel “Keshet”. According to him, the police gain access to the contents of personal correspondence of the owner of the phone to determine whether the mass protests co-ordinated.

In Cellebrite TV channel reported that “the company is developing a technology that allows law enforcement and intelligence agencies to combat terrorism and serious crime”. It also noted that the company “sells its technology to government organizations, for use in the framework of the legislation of the given country”, and not comment on how technology is used in any specific country.

In the beginning of 2018 Cellebrite has informed its customers about the possibility of hacking any smartphone the Apple iPhone. The company claims that its technology can circumvent of the most popular models of smartphones on Android and iOS and upload files from devices owners: photos, call history and correspondence in instant messengers, including Telegram, as well as to recover deleted files. With this hacking device, you need only physical access, but the process can take from several seconds to several days.

In March of the same year from the data of the public procurement website has become known that the software and equipment of the Israeli company purchased regional Department of the FSB of Russia, the Investigative Committee and the interior Ministry. With the UK still in 2016 confirmed the fact that the use of the Cellebrite equipment for hacking smartphones. In June this year, the company said an upgrade that allows the intelligence agencies to unlock any gadgets with iOS version 7 and above including the latest iOS 12.3.

During protests in Moscow on 3 August it was reported about the mass withdrawal from detainees of mobile phones as material evidence in a criminal case on “mass riots” on July 27. According to the Telegram-channel “apology of protest”, the indication investigators received “line of the GSM TFR in Moscow.” Head of legal services “Apology of protest,” Alexei Glukhov, in conversation with the Russian service of the BBC said that the massive withdrawal of telephone numbers the detained for administrative offences — “something new”, was previously known only a few cases, when the police studied the contents of the smartphone, if the detainees gave them voluntarily.

Many detainees said they were unable to pick up your phone this week, however, in the “Apology of protest” I think that there is no confidence that the investigators will return the gadgets to their rightful owners, no. “First, had little time to spend manipulating such a large number of phones. Secondly, the investigation can use taking your phone to compulsion to give evidence as a witness — the phone in exchange for testimony,” suggested the human rights activists, advised in this case to use article 51 of the Constitution, giving the right not to incriminate themselves.

Action on 3 August in the center of Moscow continued the series of meetings for the admission of independent candidates to the Moscow city Duma elections, which take place in the capital since the beginning of July. According to the “OVD-info”, the number of detainees last Saturday, over one thousand people. Security forces brutally beat the detainees, as confirmed by video taken by eyewitnesses.

The previous meeting of July 27 broke the record for detentions. According to official data of the police, was then arrested 1373 person. To disperse the demonstration used batons and stun guns, it has affected about 80 people. About 90 protesters received administrative arrests from three to 30 days. Hundreds of participants have been fined up to 150 thousand rubles.

Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin called these peaceful protests “planned and well-prepared mass riots”. With its filing of the RF IC filed a case under the relevant article, which provides for a maximum sentence of 15 years imprisonment. The case involves nine people.

Ally Alexei Navalny Leonid Volkov has announced 10 Aug a new protest in Moscow and “a picket of solidarity” in the regions. He explained that to stop the demonstration means “to agree with the fact that the occupants have the right to arrest thousands and beat hundreds of peaceful citizens.” According to Volkov, the forms of the actions will be “strictly peaceful, nonviolent and legal. But, of course, about any negotiations and agreements with the municipality of the question. Moscow authorities have put themselves outside the law, they are illegitimate, do not represent anyone”. Volkov noted that “there is no sense of something to negotiate with someone who puts negotiators, uses state terror, invents a criminal case, inciting citizens of brutal sadists with batons”. In the regions for the pickets will be submitted.

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