Apple updated guidelines for apps submitted to the App Store. Developers need to follow these rules so that their application appeared in the official store of the company from Cupertino.

The most important innovation was the introduction of section 4.2.7. According to him, the legitimate app, which can stream video games from consoles that belong to a user on an iOS device. As example, consider the Steam client a Link through which you can broadcast games on your iPhone or iPad.

However, it is important that the processing of the game should be there on the client console. That is, cloud services Microsoft Project xCloud or Google Stadia can be a problem. New requirements imply the authorization, the rendering of gaming events, and other activities solely on the user of the host device.

In other words, after the launch of the cloud-based streaming systems, they may have a problem because their client application just “not allowed” in the App Store. It is not excluded that thus the company monopolisitic the market situation and preparing the ground for their game service Arcade. However, it is better to wait for the launch and then already to do conclusions.

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