Last week, Razer announced that closes game store Game Store as part of a plan to reorganize the business. There was also the information that the company fired most of the experts of the “smartphone” division. In this actual model, the Razer Phone 2 will be supported, but Razer Phone 3, it seems, is not released.

The company said that closed several projects, but did not specify what projects went “under the knife”. Razer also confirmed the dismissal of the order of 30 experts, representing about 2 percent of employees. They also promised to support the segment of mobile games and sell the Phone 2.

This is clearly due to problems at the mobile market. LG sales, Sony and HTC several times reissued their decisions, and Samsung and Apple reported a fall in demand. In this Razer Phone Razer Phone 2 even though it was equipped with a display frequency of 120 Hz and top-end hardware, their success is difficult to judge.

In General, the company explicitly preoriented to other markets and looking for new ways of doing business.

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