BUCHAREST, March 1. /TASS/. Company from Brasov Allview started the production of a new model of mobile phone with characteristics that are not smartphones nor one of the major manufacturers — Samsung, Apple and Huawei. This was reported by the TV station Digi 24.

Screen mobile phone Allview X6 Extreme occupies the entire surface of the gadget, the screen is not framed by the casing of the device, is a display full view. It is also no black band (“bangs”) like the iPhone 10 or perforations (“leaky” screen) like the new Galaxy S10.

The front camera is hidden in the body of the phone and slides out only when using. This, say experts Allview, increases safety, since the camera can’t be started by hackers without the knowledge of the phone owner.

New Allview Extreme X6 costs €299, while a similar Samsung product and Apple can be bought for around €1000.

Your new phone Allview showed at the world mobile Congress (Mobile World Congress) in Barcelona.

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