Verily the medical and biotechnology division owns Google Alphabet holding company is looking for partners for joint production of “shoes of the future.” It will integrate sensors to track physical activity, weight owner and to determine a fall.

Three sources for information which refers to CNBC, saying: in recent months, representatives Verily held confidential meetings with potential manufacturers of the device, which demonstrated a prototype. The company representatives refused to comment on reports from sources.

Verily if you do decide to bring the development to market (confirmation of such plans yet), it could be useful for the timely diagnosis of different health problems. For example, sudden weight gain may mean that the body retains water, and this is one of the symptoms of chronic heart failure. The definition of falls could be useful for older people.

Last fall Apple introduced the smart watches Apple Watch 4 with a function of detecting drops and the option of automatic emergency call in this situation. among the completed projects Verily — spoon with built-in stabilization for people with motor impairments, the smart watch for use in clinical trials, as well as “smart” contact lens for people suffering from age-related farsightedness or recovering from cataract surgery.

Verily, the source was formed as a division of Google Life Sciences, and in 2015 as a result of restructuring became a wholly owned subsidiary of holding Alphabet. In January 2019, the company attracted $ 1 billion of venture financing with the purpose of “increased flexibility”. CNBC notes that this could indicate plans to do a Verily independent business.

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