MOSCOW, 22 Nov — RIA Novosti. Vice President of Facebook’s communications and policy Elliot Shrag took responsibility for hiring and the firm Definers Public Affairs, publishing articles criticizing Google and Apple, reports TechCrunch with reference to the statement of Shraga.

Earlier, the New York Times published an article which reported on the cooperation of Facebook and consulting firms Definers Public Affairs. According to the publication, Facebook was originally hired them to track how the company’s work is covered in the media. The firm was expanded first, in October 2017, and then after the scandal with the transfer of user data to the British firm Cambridge Analytica. Then on the news portal NTK Network administered by the company Definers Public Affairs, materials began to appear criticizing the corporations Google and Apple.

CHRAJ States that is responsible for hiring Definers Public Affairs, and acknowledges that the company promoted negative messages about competitors social media.

“The responsibility for this decision rests with the leadership team on communications. It’s me. Mark and Cheryl (the top managers of the company mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg — ed.) relied on me,” — the document says Sraga.

At the same time, CHRAJ claims that Facebook did not request the company publish material that is untrue, and did not pay them. In a statement, he also justifies the practice of the search for incriminating evidence about the critics of their company.

The company Facebook is in the center of a political scandal in the United States. Earlier media reported that collaborated with the President of the United States Donald trump during the election campaign, the firm Cambridge Analytica illegally obtained data of 50 million users of Facebook. Based on the collected data, the researchers measured the political preferences of voters and showing them ads that directly fall into the zone of their interests.

It later emerged that the leak may have affected 87 million users. In addition, the head of the company Mark Zuckerberg was brought in as a witness in the case of the so-called Russian intervention in the US elections in 2016, the investigation is conducted in Congress and deny that as the White house and the Kremlin. In particular, the company was criticized for the fact that the security policies allow the user to intervene in the election.

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