Not for the first month there are rumors that Apple in the foreseeable future will abandon Intel processors for Mac computers and laptops in favor of chips of its own design. It uses the “blue” chips in 2006 (before it was solutions development IBM PowerPC, and even earlier chips Motorola), but now plans to move to their developments.

Edition Axios reports that a few developers and employees of Intel on the condition of anonymity confirmed the rapid transition of the Corporation from Cupertino on your CPU. This process will begin in 2020.

Of course, this transition will fundamentally change the structure of the operating system macOS. In fact, there are two options. The first is to create a software layer-the emulator to run on ARM processors programs under the x86-64 architecture used in Intel chips. The second is to refuse to support the old platform and write macOS from scratch for the new processor architecture.

However, given that the company also wants to merge macOS and iOS, making the app a mobile system available on the PC, it is likely that the desktop OS will be rewritten, although it will require rework and all applications. In addition, in 2021 is expected to release a platform that will allow developers to combine programs for iPhone, iPad and Mac in a single app.

As expected, the first in the queue will be mobile computers MacBook. When it comes to performance ARM chips for Apple, the company recently compared the SoC A12X Bionic from iPad Pro 2018 with a variety of current platforms. The company then said that their tablets are more powerful than 92% of all computers on the market. But tests showed that A12X Bionic sometimes even ahead of current mobile Intel Core i7.

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