The owners of “smart” watches Apple Watch, a new generation will be able to monitor how well they sleep. According to Bloomberg, the feature of tracking sleep tested for several months “in secret facilities” at the California campus of Apple.

If the tests are deemed successful, Agency sources said, this feature will add in the Apple Watch, which will be released in 2020. A new model of smart hours, the company will announce each fall beginning in 2016.

The 4th generation of smart watches — Apple Watch Series 4 was presented in September 2018. The device experienced the largest three year update: it got a bigger screen from edge to edge (its area is increased by 30-35%), improved chip S4, and the electrocardiogram sensor. Due to ECG sensor device is not just measuring heart rate, but also provides comprehensive diagnosis of heart rhythm disorders. This feature is available only in the United States.

The new model with the capability of tracking sleep quality will strengthen the position of Apple in the segment of fitness trackers. The Fitbit products, for example, this function works in conjunction with the heart rate sensor: device monitor parameters such as heart rate and respiratory rate, capture movements in bed and write as often woke up man, how much time is spent in the stages of deep and REM sleep (REM).

Apple has its own developments in this area. In may 2017, the company bought Finnish startup Beddit — producer of “smart” strips that need to be placed on the bed during sleep. The sensors read the data, fixing the duration and quality of sleep, pulse, respiration, body temperature, movement, snoring, temperature and humidity in the room. Analyzing the figures, the device advises the user to normalize sleep. Apple sells devices under the brand Beddit. The latest model of smart strips came out at the end of last year.

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