MADRID, 17 Dec — RIA Novosti. The United States can impose retaliatory measures against countries that will impose unilaterally additional tax against companies that provide digital services, according to Spanish newspaper El Mundo.

We are talking about companies such as Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google. Earlier it became known that the office of the U.S. trade representative Robert Lighthizer started the investigation against France’s decision to introduce such a tax.

According to El Mundo, the US state Department sent to its diplomatic missions, the document, which States that “the trump will not tolerate any discrimination against American companies.” In particular, such a message was sent to the American Embassy in Spain, which is also considering the introduction of so-called “tax on Google”. In his message to the Embassy, according to the publication, instructed to warn the authorities about possible retaliatory measures.

“The trump will not sit idly by and will not tolerate any discrimination against companies headquarters are in the United States,” — said in the text.

The newspaper quotes a reminder of the state Department on what countries intend to negotiate a new tax regime in the framework of the Organization for economic cooperation and development (OECD), and, therefore, they should not act unilaterally. While specific measures can be applied, the document the U.S. Department doesn’t say.

“The United States will examine all legal possibilities to respond to any country that will impose a tax on digital services with potentially discriminatory effects… in accordance with the agreements and international treaties, including the world trade organization, domestic trade and tax legislation”, — quotes the Spanish newspaper document of the U.S. state Department, which is in its possession.

Washington accuses “some governments, especially in Europe” in “the politicization of this issue” because taxes are imposed only in respect of American companies, “excluding local and national”, leads El Mundo excerpts from the text, pointing out that American authorities also believe that the tax have a negative impact on consumers.

It is reported that the state Department at the same time recognize that “all companies, regardless of country or economic sector should pay fair share of taxes,” and that changes in the digital economy require the adaptation of the tax system, however, it is necessary to conclude an international agreement.

Earlier, acting Minister of economy of Spain Nadia of Calvino stated that “the ideal would be to reach an international agreement, if not at the European level”. “If you cannot agree on these two levels, we must act at the national level,” she said.

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