Very questionable move by Apple.

Apple will be equipped with a triple camera only 11 iPhone and iPhone 11 Max with a large amount of memory reported by the Japanese edition Macotakara. According to sources, a system of three cameras does not appear in the base models of the future flagship Apple — they will be equipped with dual cameras.

If the information from sources Macotakara confirmed, most available models are iPhone iPhone 11 and 11 Max with 64 or 128 GB of internal memory will be equipped with dual camera. A system of three cameras in this case will only appear in smartphones with 256 and 512 GB of internal memory, which are significantly more expensive.

This is not the first case when Apple restricts the base model iPhone some important functions. Thus, the unique glossy color “Black onyx” is available exclusively for the iPhone 7/7 Plus with 128 and 256 GB of internal memory. Last year, Apple has equipped the iPad Pro 2018 with 1 TB of internal memory 6 GB of RAM, while other models of the tablet has got 4 GB of RAM.

On the other hand, all the previous differences are definitely not so much important to consumers as a triple cell. Apple introduced iPhone and iPhone 11 11 Max in September. Then we’ll know whether or not the company has decided to limit the basic and more affordable models of iPhone, to equip them with only the dual cameras.

Informed sources Macotakara found that iPhone and iPhone 11 11 Max will be equipped with triple cameras on a square platform.

Source: Macotakara.


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