China supplies to the United States about 90% of PCs and 75% of mobile phones. According to Bloomberg, the introduction of “bugs” in equipment may be involved in the SuperMicro. The publication adds that the chips have been inserted and gadgets Amazon

Vice-President Mike Pence believes that Russia’s “attempt to interfere” in the Affairs of the country pale in comparison with what China does. According to him, Beijing has mobilized the “hidden agents of influence” and uses propaganda to change the perception of the American policy of China.

According to the Pens, now Chinese hackers are preparing to have a major impact on midterm elections for Congress and the presidential election campaign, because they don’t like the policies of Donald trump.

Earlier, Bloomberg reported that U.S. intelligence found in computers and mobile phones Apple spy equipment allegedly installed in China. The Agency adds that the chips have been inserted and gadgets Amazon.

The article was published under the title “the Great break-in: how China used a tiny chip to penetrate into Amazon and Apple”. The publication refers to dozens of interviews with sources in the American intelligence services and corporations that preferred to remain not named in connection with the secrecy of the information. Allegedly, the attack has affected almost 30 large companies in the United States.

In 2015, Amazon began a closed evaluation of the Elemental Technologies (startup specialized in the optimization of video processing) with the prospect of purchases and acquisitions business. Products of the company used for the online broadcast of the Olympic games, communications with the ISS and transfer video from American drones of the CIA.

In the process of checking Amazon has fixed the strange behavior of the main product Elemental Technologies — video servers for video. In the end, on the motherboard of a large number of servers found items not specified in the drawings. It turned out that the servers for ET collected another American company SuperMicro Computer, procuring parts from Chinese suppliers.

A microchip the size of a piece of rod for mechanical pencil allowed to intercept nearly any information passing through the system was connected to the infected server. Among other things, the device was used by Apple at Bloomberg says that the iPhone maker at the time was a large customer of Super Micro. The Agency, citing sources in Apple claims that the company also found Chinese chips in the summer of 2015 and soon refused to cooperate with the Super Micro.

Allegedly, Amazon announced the opening of the US intelligence agencies which found out that to install the chip spyware in Chinese factories involved the subdivision of the people’s liberation army of China, specializing in cyber-attacks using the equipment.

Apple, Amazon and SuperMicro claim that the publication Bloomberg untrue: the Agency published the formal responses of the three companies. In Beijing was limited to a rather lengthy statement about what I think is the security of supply chain of equipment with total care.

In this regard, the statements of Mike Pence, compared the “Russian hackers” in Chinese can be interpreted two ways, said the Director of Fund of studying of the USA Franklin Roosevelt Yuri Rogulev:

“Both factors mattered. The factor of political — an attempt to translate the arrows from Russia to China from the point of view of interference in the political process in the United States. We know that now the election campaign, midterm elections to Congress are come on the final stage. In this sense, the administration is eager to distance himself, on the one hand, from Russia, on the other hand, to change the subject of discussion. Secondly, of course, a trade war: once war is declared, though, and shopping, then there is the enemy, is the enemy. So the enemy must be the enemy’s face. That’s it, and trying to form that way.”

Continuing the Chinese theme, Vice-President Penny recommended that Google stop the development of Dragonfly search engine for China. According to him, this application will only strengthen the censorship of the Communist party. Pence also noted that the United States will continue to adhere to the principle of “one China”, but the political model of Taiwan seems to them preferable to the Chinese people.

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