BANGKOK, 3 November. /TASS/. Russia is among five countries by number of smartphone users, and unlimited Internet access in the country much cheaper than in a number of developed countries. This was stated on Sunday by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, speaking at the Business investment summit of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

“Russia, like other countries, is seeking ways of adapting to the new economic reality. The map of the digital world, Russia is in seventh place on the involvement of people in the digital economy, and about the smartphones users we are on the fifth place — that is, in fact, we have a fifth place on the use of different gadgets people,” — said the Prime Minister.

He listed other factors, which made Russia: “We are actively developing the infrastructure of communication — more than 85% of the population of our country enjoys the opportunities associated with mobile Internet, and approximately 70% of adult Russians do it every day. We are very affordable unlimited traffic among developed countries — at a cost, it is nine times lower than in Japan, 14 times cheaper than in the US and in 17 than in the Republic of Korea.” “The main thing for us is to create technologies that will work for the benefit of people, to make their lives comfortable, to save time”, — assured the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, noting that the aim of the efforts of the authorities of the country.

“Russian technologies should come in the administration of the state on the basis of the figures. Special attention is of course devoted to cyber security,” continued the head of the Cabinet. He stressed that in Russia “very strong school of mathematics, physics, information technology.” “For Russian specialists I such IT-giants like Google, Apple, Huawei. Of course, it also gives certain results”, — Medvedev stated.

However, he said, Russia, like other countries, “there is a lot of work to do”. He reminded that in 2017 the country has a national program “Digital economy”, in the framework of which eliminated the digital divide between different parts of the Russian Federation, formed the available information infrastructure to train personnel.

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