Option available for all subscribers.

Cellular operator “MegaFon” has given a response to competitors, which in August launched unlimited Internet. And the answer turned out impressive. MegaFon has announced that from 27 August to subscribers of multiple tariffs will be offered completely free unlimited. In addition, the operator will launch two new tariffs with the mobile Internet without restriction in order to use them are all customers.

From August 27 completely unlimited Internet without restrictions of speed or traffic will become available for subscribers of tariff plans “so dig in. See+”, “Register! Premium”, “Register! Listen.” For subscribers of the tariff, the transition to the nl will be absolutely free. Users only need to connect your new option of unlimited in your account or through the app “Megaphone”.

For those subscribers who do not want to go to the above tariffs, MegaFon will launch two new tariff plans: “jump! Communicate EVENT”, “register! See the ACTION”. When connected to these tariffs from subscribers do not need to activate unlimited Internet. It will be enabled by default.

It is important to note that the rates of “jump! Communicate EVENT”, “register! See ACTION” there is one limitation, which, however, is not connected to the Internet. Promotional rates can not go with other operators retaining the number. Which “the Megaphone” has made such a restriction is currently unknown.

Earlier the employees of the Russian operators has opened the way for you to save on connection.


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