Owners of smartphones Apple, starting with iPhone 4S and newer, you can take an old gadget in almost any condition to offset the new offices “the Megaphone”.

The cellular operator makes only one demand — the touch screen should work, that is, to display the picture. Otherwise, to participate in the trade-in program allowed even very damaged vehicles.

According to “MegaFon”, the Apple smartphones of various models are involved in the trade-in program more often than other gadgets. The decision to soften the requirements to the condition of the iPhone is dictated by the desire of the operator to expand the circle of potential customers. Quite often, the repair of old smartphone is too expensive, but the discount that you can get if you take it in trade-in, makes the purchase of a new gadget very best.

Cracks, chips and other damage to the hull is not uncommon for mobile devices. Sometimes the owner of the affected smartphone easier to pass it to offset other machine than trying to fix or sell.

For example, MegaFon estimates broken iPhone 7 with 256 GB built-in storage approximately 14 000 roubles, besides, clients can count on the extra discount from two to ten thousand rubles for the purchase of a new phone. It’s quite a bargain, since the replacement of the screen on such a device will cost seven or eight thousand.

“MegaFon” has launched a trade-in program seven months ago. During this time, 7 out of 10 customers gave it to offset the purchase of the new gadget Apple. Most of these were iPhone 5S colors Space Gray, Silver, and also iPhone 6, all models — with 16 GB of internal memory.


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