The Internet has a lot of negative reviews.

Cellular operator “MegaFon” announced the launch of its new promotion, in which he increased the speed of mobile Internet for some subscribers by as much as 30%. However, news from the camp of “MegaFon” pleased not all. Accelerated Internet will see only the “elite”.

MegaFon will accelerate mobile Internet for VIP customers, and only from Moscow and Moscow region. Become a VIP-client right now can be very simple. It is necessary to connect on “so dig in. Look” or “jump! Premium”, the fee for which is 1,000 and 3,000 rubles a month, respectively.

However, from 4 September to become a VIP client will become more difficult. This status is only awarded to the subscribers for six months will be spent on communication is not less than 1000 rubles a month.

Such actions “the Megaphone” has encouraged most valuable customers, who, no doubt, welcome bonuses. But ordinary customers, who spend on communication is not much, not very pleasant is the fact that their Internet is slower by 30%. So do subscribers say in social networks.


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