It is beneficial, but will have to do something.

In August 2018 Russian mobile operators have started to return the option of unlimited Internet. After MTS and “Beeline“who did it first, the service offered a “Megaphone”. However, at the moment to fully connect unlimited Internet for 12 roubles it is possible only in a special way.

“MegaFon” has not yet officially supported initiative of MTS and “Beeline” and didn’t offer unlimited Internet on any tariff or as a separate service. However, this option and the operator still exists. MegaFon offers access it on individual terms.

The operator is offering unlimited Internet with no restrictions for 12 rubles a day to those subscribers who applied for transfer your number to another operator. It comes with special SMS, which MegaFon informs about a great deal. The report also indicated USSD-command with which the subscriber can activate the service.

Thus, to begin to enjoy unlimited Internet at very reasonable price can any subscriber of the operator. Just need to apply for transfer of numbers to another operator.

It is noteworthy that for some subscribers “the Megaphone” makes, and all the incredible benefits of the proposal. Unlimited Internet in some cases is connected for only 5 rubles per day. It’s such a good price on nl comes from those who has long enjoyed the services of “MegaFon” and residing in the regions.


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