A new feature will soon become available to subscribers.

Mobile operator MegaFon has launched testing of Wi-Fi Calling, which allows you to make calls over Wi-Fi. Subscribers of “MegaFon” selectively get the settings for the new features, but in the near future it will be open to all subscribers.

About the beginning of the test MegaFon Wi-Fi Calling has learned from the operator’s subscribers. Since the end of December 2018 to subscribers of “Megaphone” from Moscow began receiving reports of possible activation functions. “MegaFon” will randomly select users for testing, therefore the ability to make calls over Wi-Fi is not available to all.

Wi-Fi Calling or “Calls over Wi-Fi” allows subscribers to calls over Wi-Fi even without a connection to the wireless network. Feature is especially useful in roaming abroad, as calls over Wi-Fi no extra charge. In addition, the option is useful when the phone’s simply no connection, but a connection to Wi-Fi.

At the moment the Wi-Fi Calling is only supported on the full MTS. Calls over Wi-Fi can be made and other operators, but it is necessary to install a special application, through which the program is executed.

Source: CR.


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