Now you can take the old iPad!

In 2018, all leading Russian retailers have launched trade-in programme that allows you to exchange your old device for a discount on buying a new one. According to statistics, trade-in enjoys great popularity among Russians, so the major networks continue to expand and improve programs. Today, “MegaFon”, “Svyaznoy” and MTS made another step to meet clients.

“MegaFon”, “Svyaznoy” and MTS have started to accept for exchange not only smartphones, but tablets as well. At the time of introduction of innovations, the Russians can take only tablets line iPad, iPad Air and iPad mini. Tablets are evaluated by the staff of the stores based on the condition and efficiency.

The clients of “MegaFon”, “Svyaznoy” and MTS will be able to take the iPad in any condition, even broken. The only requirement for retailers is the iPad must be original.

Specific discounts for the various iPad models are not specified. The discount on the purchase of a new smartphone or tablet will be determined directly in the stores depending on the condition of your old device.


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