New action from the operator.

Cellular operator “MegaFon” announced the launch of new interim shares. From 4 February to 4 August 2019 MegaFon will give a beautiful “bronze” numbers to everyone who purchased a subscription to any tariff from the line “jump!”. The rooms of the category “Bronze” repeat a few numbers or a mirror showing the last 4 digits.

In new shares of “MegaFon” can participate both new and existing subscribers of the operator. To obtain the beautiful rooms of the category “Bronze” subscribers must purchase a subscription for one of tariff plans line “jump!”. Under the subscription means the monthly subscription fees for three months at the rate of “jump! Communicate!” or for the six months tariff “jump! Say” and “so dig in. Listen The Action”.

In order to get a nice room subscribers of MegaFon can purchase a new SIM card and go to one of the plans participating in the promotion. MegaFon gives the beautiful rooms of the category “Bronze”. These rooms mirror shows the last four digits, for example, 6776, or repeat several of the same digits.

New action of “MegaFon” will be valid until August 4, 2019. Representatives of the operator said that the number of beautiful numbers.

Source: The Megaphone.


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