To take a smartphone to trade-in even easier.

“MegaFon” began to officially make iPhone with broken screens in its stores. Reception is carried out on a damaged iPhone trade-in program operator in exchange for a discount on a new smartphone. The program involves smartphones Apple, starting with iPhone 4s and ending with the iPhone 7.

The maximum amount of 14 thousand rubles you can get for the iPhone 7 with 256 GB of memory. The number of chips, cracks and other damage the screen in my “broken” iPhone is not regulated. As stressed by the representative of “MegaFon” if the smartphone display shows a picture, the owner is entitled to a discount on the next purchase. Thus, the operability of the sensor display.

The experts noted that resale iPhone with a broken screen can be a very lucrative business. After buying “broken” iPhone it will be repaired, and then put up for sale. Refurbished iPhone on the secondary market will sell the company’s SmartPrice.

Source: “Kommersant”


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