Victoria Beckham and Meghan Markle go back a long way. The Duchess often appears in public in outfits from the designer. In addition, ex-member of Spice Girls was one of the star guests at the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

However, it turned out that Meghan Markle was not the only favorite of royalty Victoria Beckham.

In Stories, the designer has picked the Queen of Jordan Rania. On it she speaks with a local woman, warmly embracing her shoulders.

Queen of Jordan is a source of inspiration for Victoria Beckham. Photo:

48-year-old Queen wearing a stylish white shirt and wide belt. The photo was taken during the visit, Rania municipal town of es-salt.

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“Queen Rania is always for me a source of inspiration”, — signed photo of Victoria.

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Rania is the mother of four children: 25-year-old crown Prince of Iman, the 22-year-old Princess Iman, 18-year-old Princess Salma and the 14-year-old Prince HaShem. She is the Queen of Jordan for 20 years, after her husband king Abdullah ascended the throne in 1999.

They met in 1992 and were married the following year. Rania a big fan sista, including Instagram, where she is signed to 5.5 million people.

She worked at Apple and has a degree in business administration from the American University in Cairo.

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