“Only” 491 day has passed since the release of Flyme 7 as the company Meizu presented user interface Flyme 8 with new features, animations, ringtones and notifications.

The concept of Flyme 8 — “alive” design, which involves a more rigorous style of the new application icons. Appeared dark theme works with both system and third-party applications.

8 Flyme has acquired the function of Small Window Mode 2.0, which allows you to open a program in a small window on top of the already running applications. For example during a game can be parallelized to use WeChat.

Updated game mode Firepower Full to version 4.0, and also enhanced recording of the screen during the game. Improved the stability of the cellular signal.

In addition, the shell has a new night mode that will allow you to focus on the details and to get quality pictures in low light. Front facing camera now uses the display as flash.

Added animated emoticons with customization of appearance. Aware of the introduction of voice assistant Aicy that understand voice commands 241 (languages not specified), based on artificial intelligence called One Mind 3.5, are able to recognize what is happening on the screen, pictures and documents.

What smartphones will receive Flyme 8?

The beta version of Flyme 8 is already available for the following devices that will be updated to the release version of the shell: Meizu Pro 16S, 16S, 15X, 16th, 16th Plus 15, Plus 15, Pro 7 High Edition Pro 7 Plus and Note 6.

In December, the update will be released for 16Xs, M15, Pro 7, Note 9, Note 8, X8, Pro, 6 Plus, 6S Pro, Pro 6, Pro 5, MX6, Blue Charm 6, E3, X6, Blue Charm, Blue Charm Note 5, Max Blue Charm and Blue Charm E.

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