The company Meizu announced a high-quality wireless headphone under the brand Meizu UR. A distinctive feature of the headset is its design with interchangeable cases.

“UR” is a new brand Meizu, which will be produced acoustics and sound equipment of premium class exclusive technology of the manufacturer. “UR” stands for “Ultra Rare” (ultra rare).

Meizu UR offered with packs of 4/6/8/10 replacement housings that users can combine to your taste. New high-quality headphones Meizu UR available in eight color options: color resin, acrylic, pearl, wood, mosaic, steampunk, etc. included with the headphones come three professional leads.

Specifications Meizu UR not reported. The novelty is available for pre-order on the official website of Meizu. The cost of the headphones, depending on the number of replacement is:

4 buildings — 2699 yuan (us$377);

6 buildings — 3699 yuan ($517);

8 blocks — 5699 yuan ($796);

10 buildings — 8699 yuan (us$1215).

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