Yet the most unusual smartphone 2019.

The Chinese company Meizu has introduced a unique mobile Zero. The device can rightly be called a revolutionary device, as it has no physical buttons, speaker and USB port. All this Meizu Zero was replaced by a more innovative “details” or compromise with the level of development of modern technologies.

Physical volume buttons and on/off of the apparatus gave way to touchpad mEngine 2.0, recognizing the pressing force. As the dynamics of the Meizu Zero used piezoelectric transducers under the display, based on technology mSound 2.0. A similar implementation of the solution has already been demonstrated in the smartphone Sharp Aquos Crystal and Xiaomi Mi Mix.

Not provided Meizu Zero and a slot for SIM-cards. It was replaced by the virtual e-SIM. Instead of the traditional SIM card Meizu Zero set of a special identification chip, providing operation in the cellular network. From “unpleasant” features of the Meizu Zero may also refer to the lack of a 3.5 mm audiojack. Accordingly, listening to music is only possible via Bluetooth.

In addition, the smartphone has lost USB port required for charging and pairing with your PC. Charging a unique device Meizu is only possible wirelessly. The smartphone boasts a proprietary charging technology Meizu-enabled wireless devices with power up to 18 watts.

The screen has a diagonal of 5.99 inches. In the display surface embedded fingerprint scanner. During the performance meets Zero Meizu eight-core Snapdragon 845. The smartphone has the memory modules LPDDR4X, but their volume is unknown.

The main camera consists of two sensors IMX IMX 380 and 350. They are located vertically along the center of the rear panel. Resolution Sony IMX 380 — 12 MP, and IMX 350 — 20 MP. “Frontalka” smartphone allows you to make high-quality self due to the 20 MP module.

Communication capabilities of the device due to its revolutionary features were not injured. Claimed to support all major cellular standards, Wi-Fi 802.11 and Bluetooth 5.0. In addition, the smartphone Meizu has Zero protection to the IP68 standard.

The manufacturer stressed that the development of Meizu Zero was conducted for two years. Elements of the design and implementation of key controls 75 protected by patents Meizu. It will be available in two colors — black and white. The cost of new items is still unknown. On the date of commencement of sales Meizu Zero information there.

Source: Meizu


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