Known insider OnLeaks published specifications and iPhone iPhone 11 11 Pro that are not listed on the Apple website. That is, the amount of RAM and battery capacity.

So, the youngest of the presented model iPhone 11 got 4 GB of RAM. This is on a Gigabyte more than the iPhone XR. Battery capacity novelties amounted to 3110 mAh. XR was at 2942 mAh.

iPhone 11 Pro has 6 GB of RAM (vs iPhone 4 in XS). Battery it has a capacity 3110 mAh (the XS was 2942-mA). The model with the larger screen — iPhone 11 Pro Max is also more battery — 3500 mAh (Max was at XS 3174).

These data clarify the test results of new products in the benchmark Geekbench, which we wrote about earlier today. According to the test, iPhone with 4 GB of RAM on the Bionic A13 processor scored the highest number of points and has overtaken competitors on Android. We now understand that it was not a model 11 Pro iPhone, but just iPhone 11.

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