The network has published an internal Apple documents, revealing details not yet available iPhone 11. File posted Twitter user AppleBeta2019.

The published document is intended for company employees and authorized partners. It lists guidelines for working with sample devices, and all future announcements. So, on 10 September the company will introduce three new iPhone, which will be called the iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. The first will be similar to the current iPhone Xr, while the other two to Xs and Xs Max. Their sale will start on September 27.

All three devices will come with iOS 13.1 which will be released on September 23. Along with smartphones, Apple will also release new Apple Watch and the new iPad Pro will present in October 2019 and then will begin tests iPadOS 13.0.1.

Earlier in the network appeared the results of synthetic tests iPhone 11. According to published information, the performance of the device will rise slightly, but it will have four gigabytes of RAM, while the iPhone Xr only has three gigabytes.

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