Microsoft has blocked the installation of Windows update may 10 (1903) on some older models of the Mac or devices with legacy versions of Apple Boot Camp.

As indicated in the technical documentation of the company, with the installation of Windows 10 May 2019 Update on the “Apple” computers can be problems associated with compatibility. In particular, the screen may occur the error message: “Mac HAL Driver — machaldriver.sys: your PC’s driver is installed or the service is not compatible with this version of Windows 10”.

The problem for owners of Mac, issued until 2012, as well as those who are using older versions of the Apple Boot Camp drivers or Windows Support. In Microsoft say that the Windows 10 installation May 2019 Update you need to update your drivers to the current versions.

Currently, engineers are working to fix the problem. Presumably, the restriction will be lifted before the end of July this year.

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