Microsoft quietly stopped funding program Surface Plus a year after its launch.

In a statement on the website, the company said that “after much deliberation” has ceased to accept new applications after 31 August. However, this change does not affect existing customers who will still be served by current financing plans.

Funding program Surface Plus was launched in August 2017 with the support of the Stockholm company Klarna, which provides financial services online. It was intended for students and other people who wanted to get a Surface device in installments for 24 months. Plan Surface Plus also allow customers to upgrade to new devices after 18 months, subject to return to the previous gadget in good shape and working condition.

In the FAQ, Microsoft said that existing customers will still be able to update their Surface device, in accordance with the terms of the plan. The end of the program also does not affect warranty.

With regard to the business segment Microsoft Surface Plus the company said it will continue a program of funding for corporate clients.


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