Microsoft has announced a new computer mouse IntelliMouse Pro, the design of which recognizes each adult user. She looks exactly the same as the Microsoft mouse the beginning of the century, and they at that time were among the most comfortable.

The design here, though old, but the filling is quite modern. Microsoft IntelliMouse Pro is based on the sensor PixArt PAW 3389 with a resolution of up to 16,000 dpi and the possibility of smooth adjustment. The mouse can operate at acceleration up to 50g, making it somewhat suitable for video games, besides, it has adjustable lighting body.

Pro IntelliMouse is only one drawback, and that temporary it is possible to buy while only in China, but an international release is not far off. New work under Windows (not surprisingly) and Apple macOS, and Linux support can not hear anything. Pro IntelliMouse connected via USB instead of PS/2 port, as its direct predecessor in the face of the model IntelliMouse, which makes it as versatile as possible. IntelliMouse Pro weighs 104 grams with dimensions of 132х69х43 mm, it has two side buttons, and additional inserts in the body. The price is 60 USD, that’s a bit much, given the lack of additional functionality. Apparently, the overpayment is for the nostalgia.

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