According to Forbes, the flexible Surface is an ideological continuation of the previous Microsoft development — Project Andromeda. The device will run on the basis of a completely new version of Windows 10 called Windows Core OS, also known as Windows Lite. The new OS is optimized for devices with two displays. An interesting feature of the Windows Core OS is the ability to run Android apps and Apple services iCloud.

Microsoft Centaurus (the code name for the bendable smartphone Microsoft) will be equipped with new processor Intel Lakefield, the main feature of which is the new 3D technology layout elements and 10-nm process technology. The announcement of the device is expected this fall at the annual conference of Microsoft. In turn, the start of sales, according to insiders, is scheduled for early 2020.

Earlier this year, its foldable smartphones introduced by Samsung and Huawei. The start of sales of Galaxy Fold was supposed to happen on 26 April, but because of rampant marriage of the device, its release was postponed until better times. Folding smartphone from Huawei under the name Mate X also has repeatedly been postponed — the last time the date of start of sales was named autumn 2019.

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