Microsoft do not consider the iPad a “serious” tablet.

Apple is not the first year is promoting the iPad Pro as a normal tablet, but as full-fledged computers. With this position Apple many do not agree, including Microsoft, which openly mocked the iPad in the new commercial of Surface of Go.

Microsoft has posted a 30-second clip on the Surface of Go. The main character of the video is a 10-year-old girl who asked the grandmother not to buy her an iPad because “it was good when she was six years old, and now she needs a real computer.” Under “this computer”, of course, means the Surface Go running a lightweight version of Windows 10 Home S.

It is noteworthy that advertisers Microsoft does not have glossed over the iPad in the video sounds exactly the name of the Apple tablet. Earlier, a similar direct attacks towards Apple in their commercials did Huawei and Samsung. The South Korean manufacturer and is devoted to ridiculing the iPhone X a whole series of videos.

Apple to the attacks of competitors is not responding. In commercials, Apple focuses on devices and their benefits for consumers. Devices other companies in the video from Apple do not appear.

Source: YouTube.


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