Microsoft does not often remember about Apple’s desktop platform. However, from time to time it happens. For example, today representatives of the software giant has announced plans to release a special version of Edge browser for macOS.

Moving Edge to a new platform will occur along with global changes that will occur in the browser. As it became known today, in the near future, Microsoft plans to move its browser on the Chromium technology. This will be done in order to solve the compatibility problems encountered by users when working with Edge. In addition, the transition to the new engine will help to make our browser available in earlier versions of Windows.

Microsoft representatives claim that apparently Edge will not change. But the stability and speed of the browser with the transition to the new engine should noticeably increase.

As for the version for macOS, then the data on it. The only thing that is known is the approximate release date Edge for Mac. It must happen in the first half of next year. And the first test build updated browser should start out in early 2019. However, who knows whether among them a version for macOS. It is not excluded that in the beginning Microsoft will start to test the app on Windows.


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