The past few weeks, shares of large technology companies, a few “shakes”. Experts attribute this to concern investors profit potential, including in the IT sphere. All this has led to the fact that in the beginning of the month Apple lost the status of the company with a market capitalization of $ 1 trillion, and recently cupertinos lost the title of most expensive public company.

Now the most expensive public company in the world is Microsoft. In the last couple of weeks, the software giant is gradually moving up on the list. In particular, not so long ago, Microsoft has replaced Amazon with a second place ranking the most expensive public companies, and then got to the Apple. It is noteworthy that the last time the software giant ahead of Apple in terms of market capitalization in 2010.

However, in the current realities of the market situation may change quickly. Experts indicate that the value of the securities of Microsoft in recent weeks has also decreased. Moreover, if we consider the situation on the market, it is likely that Microsoft will not long retain the title of most expensive public company.


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