Microsoft once again proved to be the center of attention. This time in connection with his new report in which the company has shared practices verification and improvement of the neural network. The informant from Microsoft announced the American edition of Motherboard that subcontractors are listening not only records conversations with “smart” personal assistant Cortana, but also conversations conducted via Skype.

”Some of the things I hear clearly, could be described as phone sex. I heard that people with the help of voice prompts enter the full address during a conversation with Cortana or ask her to find porn. While I don’t know exactly what this information can do, but I find it strange that it has not been processed under more strict supervision,” he told the informant from Microsoft.

By the way, Microsoft announced the same publication that she has some means of protection to ensure user anonymity while listening to their conversations. Most of the steps on the path to anonymity, similar to those also served with Apple and Google in the development of their programs tapping the conversations of their customers.

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